What makes us unique within our industry is that we insist on all projects being completed by our in house staff of dedicated trained painters. The most frequently asked question we receive from potential new clients is “how can we self perform all of our work across the country and still have one of the most competitive pricing models in the industry”? Once we share our company’s unique place in the market it is easy to see why we have had so much success in this national multiple site market. This is made possible by three parts: First is that the location in which our work staff resides has one of the least expensive cost of living indexes in the country. The Southeast has a lower cost of living index than any other region of the US. All of our craft either live in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina. This allows us to pay top wages for our region, while still being well below the national average hourly rate for a skilled journeyman painter. Second is our impeccable safety record. We are recognized as being one of the safest companies in America when compared to other companies that have similar sized organizations. We are rewarded by the insurance industry for these safe practices by receiving a low modification rate that discounts our workers compensation and general liability rates by as much as 35%. Finally, our vendor partnerships give us a competitive advantage due to our volume purchasing and deep discount programs that we have in place with the top national manufactures of paint in the country (i.e. Sherwin Williams, Glidden and PPG). When you combine our lower average labor cost with a 35% discounted rate on the high cost of insurance, then package that with the best prices on materials in the business, you can see how we can provide consistent quality, at prices that are as or more competitive than local and regional providers.