Company Overview

The Best…by Choice

Benise-Dowling & Associates, Inc. is a national provider of painting services. Established in 1978, our reputation is based upon adding value for our clients. Our philosophy is “YOUR CUSTOMER IS OUR CUSTOMER” therefore; every decision made is made with our customer in mind. Our management team is recognized for thinking “OUTSIDE OF THE BOX” when it comes to providing customer solutions. Continuous improvement is our company’s mission & our onsite team leaders are encouraged as well as rewarded for suggesting new ideas that create efficiencies and or extend the overall life cycle of the products and services that we provide.

What makes us unique within our industry is that we insist on all projects being completed by our in-house staff of dedicated trained painters. The most frequently asked question we receive from potential new clients is “how can we self perform all of our work across the country and still have one of the most competitive pricing models in the industry”? Once we share our company’s unique place in the market it is easy to see why we have had so much success in this national multiple site market. This is made possible by three parts: First is that the location in which our work staff resides has one of the least expensive costs of living indexes in the country. The Southeast has a lower cost of living index than any other region of the US. All of our craft either live in Georgia, Florida, Texas, or South Carolina. This allows us to pay top wages for our region, while still being well below the national average hourly rate for a skilled journeyman painter.

Our dedicated work teams take great pride in the accounts they are assigned and are rewarded for any ideas that improve quality and service or lead to an overall cost reduction for each client. If given 20 locations or more per year, we will guarantee a 3% reduction in labor cost each year for up to three total years when given a minimum of 20 locations annually.

Finally, our vendor partnerships give us a competitive advantage due to our volume purchasing and deep discount programs that we have in place with the top national manufactures of paint in the country (i.e. Sherwin Williams, Glidden, and PPG). When you combine our lower average labor cost with a 35% discounted rate on the high cost of insurance, then package that with the best prices on materials in the business, you can see how we can provide consistent quality, at prices that are as or more competitive than local and regional providers.

Benise-Dowling’s greatest strengths are our dedicated employees coupled with great personal communication practices. Our dedicated staff wants to be a part of your facilities team. They take pride in working for your customers. Secondly, we believe that clients today expect their vendors to have all of the most up to date internet management systems in place so all parties can access key information on jobs in progress. Where we differentiate from the crowd is we go out of our way to learn everything we can about you. We encourage our project managers to have as much face to face time with our clients as possible to gain the insight that we feel is required to add the most value. We are confident that this is the backbone of any long lasting partnership. In addition to our employees and their communication practices is our “Golden Rule Policy: Do it right the first time”: We are a company that wants to earn your business on every level. We hold every team member accountable for “Total Team Integrity”. It is what is expected by everyone that works here and is part of our total teams goal to always do what we say when we say it and when we said we would do it. Finally, is we stand behind our product unconditionally by providing what we call a “Real Warranty”: Everyone says that their work is guaranteed, but I have seen way too many companies leave the customer holding the bag on what should be covered under a standard warranty. I think the most educated question I have ever been asked by a potential client was for us to provide them a reference list of 3 clients that we had problems with so they could see how we resolved those problems. We believe that this is a sure fire way for a potential client to judge a company’s integrity and overall character.

What makes Benise-Dowling stand above the rest is our staff of over 180 dedicated individuals who bring so many decades of experience to each and every client’s project. We have had the opportunity to provide our services in 40 plus states including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our clients include some of the largest retailers in North America such as (Firestone, Publix Super Markets, Regal Cinemas, & Delta Air Lines). We have also had the privilege to be part of some of the highest-profile projects in the Southeast: the conversion of Phillips Arena to the State Farm Arena for the Atlanta Hawks, as well as re-imaging of Grant Field Football, Baseball, and Softball at Georgia Tech’s Protective Stadium, GA Correctional Institutions, CNN, and CDC. Please allow us to provide you with a list of references that come from the same industry that your facilities operate. We look forward to earning our place on your facilities management team.

You will not find an organization or group of people who are more passionate about painting than the Benise-Dowling group. We all have fun doing what we do, which is working hard to provide our clients with the best possible product at the most competitive price possible. Painting is a passion for all of us here and it is contagious. We feel that this passion shows up in the finished product on each and every project that we deliver. Give us the opportunity to show you why Benise-Dowling & Associates, Inc. is “the best by choice”.

Meet Our Team

Benise-Dowling & Associates, Inc. has an incredible team of over 200 employees.


Curt Dowling
Curt DowlingPresident
Tanya Dowling
Tanya DowlingCEO


Joshua Jackson
Joshua JacksonLiquid Operations Manager
Jim Horn
Jim HornSenior Project Manager
Will Rice
Will RiceSenior Project Manager
James Cregan
James CreganField Estimator & Superintendent
Megan Smith
Megan SmithProject Engineer
Jason Hauch
Jason HauchEstimator
Aaron Simpson
Aaron SimpsonField Superintendent
Tim Sensat
Tim SensatField Superintendent
Guy Cook
Guy CookField Superintendent

Powder Coating

Louie Boncyk
Louie BoncykVice President of Powder Coating
Andy Phillips
Andy PhillipsOxford Plant Manager
Ronnie Glover
Ronnie GloverDecatur Plant Manager
Jennifer Boncyk
Jennifer BoncykBusiness Development
James Mathis
James MathisQuality


Chuck Walker
Chuck WalkerCFO
Kim Young
Kim YoungHR Manager
Leanie Forges
Leanie ForgesStaff Accountant