Project Description

New Construction

We’re not your typical painter! Benise-Dowling is regarded as one of the most capable painting contractors in the coatings industry.
For over four decades, we have met the challenges of completing some of the most prestigious new construction projects in the country…from as far back as the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta to the most recent FBI Bureau’s new Atlanta facility. Our goal is to provide our customers with a continuous improvement approach that adds value to every project.


What We Do

  • Division 07 (Moisture Protection): Waterproofing, Joint Sealant, Thermal & Moisture Protection

  • Division 09 (Finishes): Painting, Fabric Panels, Wall Coverings, Floor Coatings

  • Division 10 (Specialties) Wall & Corner Protection, Intumescent Fireproofing, Display Boards

  • Division 13 (Special Construction) Lead and Mold Remediation