You’ll notice colors of the year from different manufacturers start to evolve the year before these colors are selected. The manufacturers will see trends in everything from clothing lines, movies and automobiles to choose their color of the year.

The distinction has been held every year since 2000, and while there is always a debate on the selection, you will see that the colors chosen typically are recognized in numerous leaflets, trade magazines and other outlets denoting color selection.

While our main job is product application, it is important for our team at Benise-Dowling to have an awareness of industry trends. Color has an impact in our business and it’s important that, along with our customers, we have keen awareness of industry and their trends.

Listed in this section of news are four manufacturers and their selection for color of the year. Let the debate begin…..


2021 Pantone Color of the year

2021 Sherwin Williams Color of the year

2021 Benjamin Moore Color of the year

2021 PPG Color of the year