Due to its versatility and environmentally friendly application, powder coating substrates has become more and more popular in recent years. As customers continue to demand high end finishes, more companies like Benise-Dowling are stepping up to meet their requests. The powder coating application cures quicker which gives the substrate extended durability for color and gloss retention. In regards to the environment, powder coating emit nearly zero VOC’s and the minimal overspray is reclaimed for future use. This technique that we incorporate at our company basically eliminates all waste versus liquid waste that has challenges to dispose of.

This typical process has the substrates washed, electrostatically applied, and then cured in an oven resulting in a finish which typically has a smoother finish and is more durable than a liquid application.

Powder coating can be used on a variety of substrates. Our company coats for many of the known brands that require a finish that the end user desires. We coat automotive parts, recreational vehicle parts, gun safes, outdoor furniture, gutter guards and Yeti cups to give a sampling of what we do and what can be coated.