40,000 PSI Pressure washer

Why would you need a system that produces so much pressure? At Benise-Dowling, we have many requests for paint and corrosion removal that would require this unit. The biggest benefit for our customers is the man hours required to complete a job. With this system, our production rate doubles typically reducing labor rates in half. A quicker finish to any project for our customers is a constant request and with this machine and our certified and trained employees, we can meet their demands.

Another advantage with this equipment is an attachment we have that allows even further reduction of man hours in the field. It is referred to as a “lawnmower” and has enough rotating heads to strip off 12 inches of paint or corrosion in a single pass.

Yes, this is a difference maker for our company, taking care of large scale projects and airport runways due to the dustless blast application. However, we also have the versatility to dial the pressure down to maintain and/or clean numerous surface areas. This can be dialed down to 5K PSI and with only 6 gallons a minute, (half the amount of self-serve car washes) this unit captures the water, filters the paint particles for disposal, and reuses the water for additional removal.